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WoodSongs Livestream 1004: Carolina Blue and Jessie Clement

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CAROLINA BLUE is a Brevard, NC based band whose roots run deep in the tradition of Bill Monroe. Band members are Bobby Powell on guitar and vocals, Timmy Jones on mandolin and vocals, Reese Combs on upright bass and vocals, James McDowell on banjo and vocals, as well as American and Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Champion, Aynsley Porchak on fiddle, who is recipient of the 2018 International Bluegrass Music Association’s Momentum Instrumentalist Award.

JESSIE CLEMENT distinct sonic style reflects her heavy James Taylor and John Mayer influences. This 20-year-old’s grew up in a family completely immersed in music in Murfreesboro, TN. Now, she dives deep into her musical roots in her introspective, coming-of-age record ‘Slow Motion Philosophies,’ out via Corum Hill Records. The album is a collection of poetry that chronicles a young woman’s journey into adulthood as she experiences heartbreak, healing, and self-discovery — all set to the tone of vintage R&B grooves, loose Jazz swagger, and crystalline vocals.

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