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Tosca - Going Going Going

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Spotify ➨ https://spoti.fi/2KpyIzn
▰bandcamp ➨ https://bit.ly/2swOqEC
released February 10, 2017 ©℗ all rights reserved

01. Export Import - Tosca
02. Hausner - Tosca
03. Friday - Tosca
04. Wo-tan - Tosca
05. Chin Bar - Tosca
06. Loveboat - Tosca
07. Tommy - Tosca
08. Supersunday - Tosca
09. Amber November - Tosca
10. Dr. Dings - Tosca
11. Olympia - Tosca
12. Shoulder Angel - Tosca

Sometimes in life you find yourselves at a point where you need to walk away and leave something behind if you ever want to go back to it. Other paths must be walked, other experiences learnt from to give you a fresh view of where you’ve come from. In that sense going back to the roots, rediscovering their past with fresh eyes, is the concept behind Richard Dorfmeister & Rupert Huber’s new Tosca album, ‘Going Going Going’.

For over two decades and several albums Tosca has served as a vehicle for Richard and Rupert to express their personal moods and impressions, each release holding up a mirror to their inner lives. Now though after ten albums the journey has come full circle and once again they’ve returned to the kind of instrumental tracks, full of deep beats and dubbed out textures that made Tosca’s name.

“It just feels good to come back to our original sound,“ says Rupert Huber. “After experimenting with song structures and vocal collaborations on the last album (2014’s “Outta Here”), we were looking at how we could make a logical progression and we realized that our real strength lay in TOSCA’s roots, we just has to update that sound into something that made sense in 2017.”

Design - Stefan Beyer
Mastered By - Calyx Berlin
Photography By - Markus Rössle
Written-By, Producer, Performer - Richard Dorfmeister, Rupert Huber

©℗Tosca Musicproductions & Publishing GmbH
©℗!K7 Music

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