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Sus4 Resolution Run Warm Up for Improvisation || Jazz Guitar Lessons Daily 26

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From our free, Jazz Guitar Lessons Daily Series: Lesson 26
Mondays - Triad Mastery Bootcamp

In today’s lesson we’re going to work on technique and muscle memory building. We’re focusing on two different things. The first is obvious and easy to spot, and the second is a little more subtle and bleeding over into tomorrow’s Melodic Ear Training lesson.

The first thing we’re focusing on is simply learning to see the positions of a (G)/4 - the G major triad note + tension 4. Just like if it were a traditional scale or arpeggio, we want to learn to see it and to work at playing it more smoothly, more quickly, and all around the fretboard in all 12 keys.

The second thing we’re working on, which is more subtle, is playing this quadratonic the way THE NOTES want to be played vs how our mind tells us to play it. The mind says that if we’re ASCENDING a position, we should be moving up the entire time. But the tension 4 CRAVES resolving down to the 3rd. It CAN move up to the 5th of the triad. But it’s an addict. It longs to be with the 3rd. So as we ascend through the position, we’re going to ALWAYS play tension 4 BEFORE playing the 3rd, then we’re going to resolve down to the 3rd. Hence why I call this a resolution run warm up.

We’re working on technique, speed, dexterity, precision, muscle memory, and fretboard visualization. But we’re also keeping in mind that practice doesn’t make perfect… it makes permanent. If we want the 4 - 3 resolution to be organic and present in our lines and melodies, the more we practice it in our shed time, the more it will naturally show up in our improvisations and compositions.

So why not start shedding the positions like this… in this more musical way where we’re playing these positions the way the notes want to move, not the way WE want them to move.

Give it a shot, and grab the PDF if you want some help.
Happy Practicing!
-Jordan Klemons

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