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River Roots - Thank You [Official Video]

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River Roots official video for their song Thank You
It is our absolute honour to present to you this NEW video for our song 'Thank you'.
It is a massive Thank you to all the people we have met around the world.
???? This global family is forever growing!
Please Like, Comment and Share so we can spread these vibes to more and more people.

✨ Last month we asked people to send in clips of themselves dancing to our song.
Oh WOW, the responses were incredible and we have had the most amazing week putting this video together, seeing all the smiling faces and beautiful energy that each and every person brings to the video. It really means a lot to us.
???? We can't stop smiling, the happiness, joy and connection music brings to the world.
Thank you for the memories, thank you for the energy!!

???? We are in the final week of our Crowdfunder to help fund our NEW ALBUM. http://kck.st/2O2ee2A
We are 72% of the way there, but we still have a long way to go in 7 days to make our target or we don't get anything.

Sending love and blessings to you wherever you are in the world.
✨ Matt & Gem ~ River Roots ✨

Song details

Written and performed by Matt Harrington and Gem Neilan.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza by L. Henry Sarmiento

Matt Harrington - Vocals, Guitar
Gem Neilan - Vocals, Percussion
L. Henry Sarmiento - Bass, Drums
Frank Rawle - Drums

I’m in between 2 trees I sit where they meet
Delicate beauty all around for me to greet
I’ll thank my seat and I will
sing to you with all I know
Of what I know
how I feel and when I grow
I will not give to you a little thing
I’ll give to you ev-everything
Now bring it back to basics strip me down
At last my feet can feel the ground
Face covered in dust knotted hair
With people like this I do not care

I say
Thank you for the memories
Thank you for the energy
Thank you for the fire that you fueled
Burning in my heart

I’m in between 234 isles
Opposite scenes of 5 miles
And it seems to be a whole new world
Shimmering like glowing white pearls
And it speeds you up and slows you down
Spirals round here show me how
The ins and outs and all around
And it speaks to me through with these sounds

I say
Thank you for the memories
Thank you the energy
Thank you for the fire that you fueled
Burning in my heart
Thank you the fire that you fueled
Burning in our heart

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