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[Playlist] 마음까지 따뜻해지는 포근한 재즈 음악 / JAZZ Music

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[Playlist] 마음까지 따뜻해지는 포근한 재즈 음악 / JAZZ Music


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00:00 Baby Knows Best - Magnus Ringblom Quartet
03:05 One Dance A Day - Magnus Ringblom Quartet
05:37 Just For A While - Magnus Ringblom Quartet
08:36 Midnight Call - Magnus Ringblom Quartet
12:02 Since We Met - Oakwood Station
15:30 Feathered - Hara Noda
19:06 To Stella - Bladverk Band
22:54 Light Blue Sky - William Benckert
26:20 A Nostalgic Breeze - William Benckert
29:53 Heads Up - Bladverk Band
33:26 No Thoughts of Regret - Oakwood Station
37:38 May I Ask - Magnus Ringblom Quartet
41:36 Tender - Hara Noda
44:36 Interim - Bladverk Band
46:53 In Other Songs - Franz Gordon
50:24 Yesterdays We Don't Forget - Oakwood Station
53:53 Winter in Brooklyn - Wendy Marcini
58:23 Sunny San Francisco - Oakwood Station
01:00:23 Virga - Bladverk Band
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