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lofi Christmas ????Cozy Christmas beats [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix ] Christmas playlist

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lofi christmas ????Cozy Christmas beats [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix ] Christmas playlist

Most of these lofi Christmas songs are royalty-free

Happy holidays ! Enjoy this amazing moment with all of your family and stay safe.
Enjoy these cozy Christmas beats.

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Lofi Christmas playlist ????

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0:00 404 Days of Christmas - Jobii
2:44 Upper West Side - Frook
5:08 Mistle Bro - Frook
7:29 Make It Rein - Jobii
9:31 O Holy Night - Dusty Decks
12:25 Cozy Fireplace - Purrple Cat
14:17 Auld Lang Syne - Jobii
16:47 Caribbean Christmas - Guustavv
18:51 Glad to Be Here - Justnormal
20:54 Santa Swing - Guustavv
23:34 Jingle Bells - Jobii
25:53 Stocking Stuffer - Guustavv
28:04 Cozy By The Fireside - Jonathan Mogavero
29:49 Merry Had a Little Christmas - Jobii
31:54 Angels We Have Heard on High - Matt Large
35:02 Silent Night - [ocean jams]
37:12 Reindeer Sweater - Frook
39:26 All the Jingle Ladies - Jobii
41:59 Festival of Lights - Purrple Cat
45:15 Snow in Stockholm - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
47:37 Xmas Treez - Ghost Beatz
51:00 Shopping Spree - Purrple Cat
53:16 We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Timothy Infinite
55:30 Stocking Stuffers - Dylan Sitts
57:48 Spike The Eggnog - Two Dudes

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Merry early Christmas everyone !!!!

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