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Guitar Lesson: John Pizzarelli - Exploring Jazz Guitar (Part 5)

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John Pizzarelli is one of the most proficient and engaging Jazz performers in the world today. His playing and singing are not some sort of cerebral exercise, but rather an exciting celebration of the great Jazz era. He sues this DVD to provide some useful tips for playing in the Jazz style – stuff you can start using right away, without getting too hung up on theory or technique.
Renowned jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli shares his take on the key elements of jazz guitar style. Filled with dazzling demos, insightful lessons and great anecdotes, this DVD is perfect for newcomers looking to get their feet wet, or for experienced jazzers. Filmed in hi-def with onscreen music for many of the examples. John gives an overview of his approach to guitar playing (always having fun), playing single lines, playing chord melodies, playing his and Bucky’s style of rhythm guitar, how to voice and play while backing up a singer, simple but effective intro’s and outro’s and turnarounds. The video was clear, concise and informative.

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