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Finish this song competition! Jazz Hop/Chill instrumental, Roots-type beat - Jazz Me Up - BethBella

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Finish this song competition:

Would you like to participate in a songwriting competition based on this beat that I produced myself?

How it would work:
BethBella posted an audio track on YouTube and you collaborate to complete the song. Some ideas to consider: remix, adding additional melody, rap, sing, instrumental/sound modification, tempo modifications, acoustic/electronic, mashups...

The contestant may submit completed song track(s) via email to bethbella55@gmail.com
Every song will be listened to and reviewed by Beth Bella, herself. It may take up to a month for each song to be reviewed. There is no limit to the amount of winners and the amount of submissions per person. There is no time limit either, so take your time and do it right! If you’ve already submitted a song and a month later you’ve modified it to sound better, submit another version of that song.

The winner(s) of the competition will have their completed song featured on BethBella’s YouTube channel with links to any of the approved social media platforms of the collaborator’s choice. The analytic performance of the completed song will be considered for future professional production or studio recording opportunities.

It is prohibited to sell, distribute, sample, use, or post any versions of BethBella‘s tracks without her prior written consent. Failure to attain a prior written consent from BethBella could result in legal action and/or fines. By submitting the completed song to the email listed, you agree to allow your song to be posted and monetized partially or in full on, included but not limited to, YouTube by BethBella and BB Trademark.

BB Trademark. ©️2020.

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