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Boogie Woogie Piano Duet Four Hands Improvisation Terry Miles Style! Cole Lam 12 Years Old

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Here's a Boogie Woogie Piano Duet Four Hands Improvisation! I'm channelling my inner Terry Miles! This gentleman had come down to play the Elton John Yamaha piano, but Sky had "booked" the piano with St Pancras for our filming.

As he had come down especially to play, we took a break for him to play, and he said that if I wanted to join in for a improvisation then feel free. So, I took a deep breath and went at it! Both Dr K and Terry Miles does this, but I thought I would play it like Terry Miles - no red socks though!

#BoogieWoogie #Improvisation #PublicPiano #PianistsofStPancras #TerryMiles
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