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Belvoir Terrace 2019 - Girls Dance Camp - City Lights Jazz Dance - Summer Dance Camp

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Summer Dance Camp at Belvoir offers professional instruction in classical ballet, pointe, modern, choreography, tap, hip hop, and jazz dance. Pilates is also a dance program elective. Dance classes are held in four fully equipped spacious studios. The modern and tap dance studios are open on all four sides to the beautiful Berkshire woods. Ballet classes have professional piano accompanists while all dance spaces have fabulous sound systems and dance floors. At Belvoir, it is as comfortable to be a beginning dancer as to be an advanced dancer. Beginning classes are available in all styles of dance for all age groups. Pre-professional dancers are challenged by the New York expert dance faculty. Dance majors may elect three or more challenging dance classes daily six days a week, basically dancing all day. Other dancers enjoy a daily or twice daily dance class with peers who share their age and experience. Girls focusing on art, theater, or music can choose one or more dance classes to vary their day. All dancers have an exciting performance opportunity during the summer. Most classes perform in the Jesup Theater at Belvoir, and the advanced dancers perform on a professional stage at Berkshire Community College. Dancers at Belvoir also have the opportunity to work with renowned guest teachers, such as Milton Meyers, Chet Walker, Carrie Tron, and Pedro Ruiz. All campers enjoy trips to dance performances at Jacob’s Pillow. Belvoir’s professional and supportive dance program is exciting for students of all ages and abilities.

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