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????Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Playing Demo - Body and Soul Jazz Piano Cover????

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We hope you enjoy another piano sampling video from Merriam Pianos - this one is ‘playing-only’, meaning all you’ll hear is the ES110, as recorded through a stereo recorder straight out of the line-outs. No effects, no processing of any kind. We recorded this in our Studio B room at Oakville.

The song is “Body and Soul”, one of the most widely recorded songs in American recording history, with literally thousands of versions available from hundreds of labels. So why NOT add one more to the pile :) Stu takes on a more harmonically adventurous take, to highlight the beautiful tonal separation that the ES110 exhibits.

The Kawai ES110 is an ultra-portable, 88-note weighted keyboard with impressive onboard speaker performance, Compact Hammer Action from Kawai, and Bluetooth Midi connectivity. It’s great for light-weight gigging, a home practice piano, or institutional use.

Be sure to check out our other ES110 videos, where we compare it to the Roland FP30, or of course the full review is available on the channel as well. We hope you enjoy the video, and if it's your first time to the channel, please subscribe, we really appreciate it.

Thanks for watching!

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